Accidents and adventure are sometimes the best part of life

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Over the Christmas holiday my eldest son and I set out on an adventure. We were going to hike about 11 miles one day, and I had cleverly done a map recon and decided we would drop a car at one end, drive down a bit, and use a tributary trail to inject ourselves into the trail at a midpoint. Then we’d hike backwards to the main trailhead. Multiple maps from various sources confirmed these trails and supported the reality of this unconventional, but perfectly reasonable route.

We dropped a car at the main trailhead and then ventured down a…

A simple framework to read more…and grow more

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

It’s the time for new targets, new goals, and new challenges to ensure that we don’t close 2021 the same person we were at the beginning.

There is a comfort in constancy, but if you are the same person you were a year ago, you missed a year of opportunity.

Books are one of the great portals of personal growth and transportation. There’s a good reason most CEOs, deep thinkers, and philosophers consume books at incredible rates. …

Voting Against, Rather Than For

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If you ask most voters over the last few presidential elections why they voted the way they did, you will almost always hear something about their opponent.

They are less able to articulate support for the person they voted for than they can state clear arguments opposing the other side of the ballot.

This means we are not voting for a president so much as against the other.

We are voting to prevent someone else from becoming president.

This is both troubling and inevitably destructive.

After the 2016 election (and leading up to it) I…

It’s not politics…It’s sickness.

Contempt Emoji by Nina Garman from Pixabay

We’ve got a problem

And that problem is us.

It’s not liberals and conservatives.

It’s not Democrats and Republicans (though each are not always great).

It’s not that simple.

If that were all it was, we could fix that by voting Libertarian.

But the problem is much more personal than our political affiliation.

Our problem is not one of political polarization.

The problem is…


Contempt is America’s predominant tone.

It is difficult to spend even a few minutes on social media without being inundated with the volume, bitterness, and tangible loathing of so many Americans for so many other…

Does freedom mean what we think it does?

Calling for the light of virtue

The 4th of July is a worldwide memorial to the unquenchable spirit of humanity seeking to throw off the shackles of tyranny and seek a greater union.

The specific date of celebration is particularly American, but the triumph infected the world, and the influence of the events of July 4th, 1776 continues to reverberate through the river of history.

Yet, in this journey of freedom, we’ve painted the word in our own image, a clown of selfish impulse and ignorance.

Today our tyranny is not external, it is internal. And it is…

A Book Review

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As a hobby farmer, a biophile (someone who loves nature), and a theologian, this book spoke to me at a host of levels and it is my great pleasure to recommend it to everyone.

Even if one doesn’t necessarily share my interests, there is a rumbling reality that is becoming increasingly clear: we can’t keep doing what we’re doing in either agriculture or environmental stewardship. Both science and human instinct tell us with increasing alarm that it is time to rethink some of our assumptions and open not just our minds, but our hearts to new solutions.

Charles Massy agrees…

Fear is best met with faith

A crucifix hanging against an outdoor backdrop
A crucifix hanging against an outdoor backdrop
Image by Günther Simmermacher from Pixabay

The world can change so quickly.

It seems almost like a magic trick at times….

You know, the one where the magician pulls the tablecloth out but doesn’t tip over the glasses?

That is exactly how quickly the entire landscape has changed economically, socially, and even politically (though the full ramifications of each of these are not yet fully apparent).

How apropos that this period of solitude, dramatic change and reevaluation occurred during the season of Lent.

Everyone seems to be rightly questioning everything in light of our current reality.

Many are worried about the ‘how’ of today:

-How will…

A Book Review

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David Brooks follows up his previous best-seller The Road to Character with a much more expansive vision of social responsibility and personal purpose.

The depth and intellectual fidelity of this book challenge the category of self-help but remain accessible enough that you don’t need a philosophy degree to get something out of it.

Unlike too much self-help, which is little more than a weakly developed cheerleading session between two covers, Brooks’ substantial tome provides something that can, and should be, chewed on again and again. …

Preparing to start a new business got me thinking about the last one.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about my next business venture.

After five years of running a successful business, I sold it and went back to working for someone else.

The stability is nice, and the hours are much more conducive to my children’s schedules, but there are tradeoffs in other areas of the schedule.

I definitely miss the freedom to govern my own time.

It wasn’t all roses though.

I was not only willing, but eager to sell the business when the time came, because…

The newest stories have already been told a thousand times

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Foundations ripple beneath our feet,
Ripping cobblestones and concrete.

Giving lie to paint and façade,
Glittering towers that we call God.

We begin to trip in ones and twos,
As if we’ve never worn before these shoes.

We discover we’ve fed a grand illusion,
Murdering freedom in our collusion.

These lies we tell to feed our hungers.
Deceptions countless. Conscience slumbers.

Distortions stacked so high we cannot see
What it means to truly be.

Yet now the horsemen have arrived,
Calling due our debts divine.

The shifting sands of our…

Gerald Gabel

Catholic theologian, dad, husband, former soldier, writer, and wanna-be farmer. Sign up for his newsletter at

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